The Green Police

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    Is this ad funny because of its impossibility or it's truth?

    S.F. OKs toughest recycling law in U.S. - SFGate

    In the Republic of Cambridge MA a sweeping green police proposal is being sought to stem the "Climate Emergency"

    Some gems of the Proposal from the "Cambridge Climate Emergency Congress"

    Calls for :
    In other words busy body neighbors will be telling you how to live your life

    More and more of our everyday freedoms will be usurped due to the climate emergency and the need for the government to respond

    And then suggestions will give way to mandates

    More government price fixing to make organic local foods affordable

    Is vegetarianism one of those things that is now encouraged but later will be mandated?

    for a complete story on the Climate Emergency Congress:

    American Thinker: Green Police Aren't Just in Super Bowl Ads

    So to answer the question

    The ad is funny because it's true.

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