The Greek Crisis Redux

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    The Greek Crisis Redux

    Some weeks ago, I began a thread that supposed that there was a conspiracy at the highest levels of the EU, that knew that Greece, and other weak members would be unable to ‘keep up’:

    "After the EU single currency system was implemented, certain voices predicted the failure of the euro. A handful 
theorized that the euro may well even have been deliberately created to fail by certain German elites. The theory was that Germany would bide its time and allow the unworkable monetary union to prevail till it reached a point of collapse and then, having wrested control of the European Central Bank (ECB) out of any competitor’s hands (read France, in particular), move in quickly and take direct control of EMU administration. Germany could then ensure that a preferred core of EU member nations would receive ECB favor, with the disfavored reduced to vassal status or worse."

    One of our colleagues, our financial expert par excellence, assured that any idea that “to say that it was planned is pretty silly.”

    Lately, some analysis by the Intelligence firm, Stratfor, a private company that provides strategic and issues management intelligence analysis, has added some thoughts to this conspiracy theory, as follows:

    “The global system is undergoing profound change,” wrote one of Stratfor’s most articulate analysts, Peter Zeihan,… went on to focus on Germany. His analysis of current trends in Germany hints at there having been an underlying agenda to give that nation its current dominance in European affairs.
    “What if, instead of the euro being designed to further contain the Germans, the Germans crafted the euro to rewire the European Union for their own purposes?”

    “Germany perhaps deliberately constructing a monetary system to fail so as to create the very crisis that would lead the German leaders to pose their own corporatist solution on the problem in the interests of meeting their own nationalist, imperialist goals… For Stratfor analyst Peter Zeihan, this reality crystallized in the wake of a recent remark by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. “We need tighter rules,” Schäuble remarked on March 13, in response to Greece’s failing economy and the eurozone crisis. “That means in an extreme case, the possibility that a country that does not get its finances in order at all leaves the euro group… “[W]hat jumped out at us is that someone of Schäuble’s gravitas doesn’t go about casually making threats,” Zeihan noted.”
    We Were Wrong—Germany Is Taking Over | by the Philadelphia Church of God

    And so, fellow conspiracy addicts, does the weight added by Stratfor tip the scales in favor of a plot by Germany to “reengineer the EU, excluding the weaker members”?

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