The Government is the problem

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    The problem with our current system is the government and the policies they have in place that have only benefitted a select few at the expense to everyone else.

    These policies have contributed to redistribution of wealth to the 1%.
    The same policies are responsible for jobs being outsourced or off shored to cheap labor countries.
    The same policies are responsible for the open borders market we have that increase the supply / demand ratio to the 1% benefit.
    These policies are responsible for the huge number of H1B Visa's granted to put even more downward pressure on wages.

    All these policies have redistrubuted wealth to the top 1%, where the Government - CEO - Wall Street Loop is all that matters and the rest of the country is expendable.

    The "Free Market" has been rigged to benefit them.
    In the spirit of the "Free Market", they would have also opened the doors wide to aspiring business managers and foreign CEO's in other countries, to come run companies here in the US. This would have also placed downward pressure on CEO compensation and the inequality in this country would not be so high.
    The rest of the world has no problem finding talent to run their companies at 1/1000 of the cost.

    The problem with the government is who is running it.

    The ones running the government come from the Big Banks and Corporations in this country and when their in government, they exist only to serve each other.
    Their Primary Responsibility should be to the American people and this country and it is not.

    There are Venn Diagrams that list the relationships between Government, The Big Banks and the Corporations as well, which most have seen.
    Just from Goldman Sachs alone, there are hundreds that have revolved between the government and the company.

    The solutions:

    Therefore, the logical conclusion is to eliminate the conflict of interests that exists.
    There should be seperation of Corporate, Banking and State.

    Campaign Finance Reform!

    One Dollar, One Vote

    End of Lobbying

    We should also do away with Nafta and many of the other Trade programs that have not benefitted everyone in this country.

    If we were to shrink the government, it would also defang and take away the power from a lot of these corporations and banks and give it back to the people and the small business's of this country.

    We need a government that represents the country and not an elite few.

    The problem to me now is, how do you change the government when the fox's are already in it and call the shots? Do you think they are going to relinquish any of their power willingly?

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