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    Most Germans have a hard time with their past, many have noticed that they enthusiastically condemn themselves and have some kind of peace at all costs morality these days.

    One of the leading "moral authorities" and hero of the left was Guenter Grass, backed by a literary nobel price and lots of books about Germans troubled past in WW2.

    When Reagan and Kohl visited Bitburg a cemetary at which German soldiers, Us soldiers and members of the Waffen SS were buried, Grass condemned this visit as a whitewash of history.

    Well he failed to mention in the last 60 years that he himself at age 17 was a member of the WaffenSS Division Frundsberg as a tank loader.

    Yep the same man that before spit on the graves of his fallem comrades.
    The moral authority about speaking up about the bad deeds of Nazi Germany lied about his own past and pretended to have served as an antiaircraft helper. Mr. Leftwing himself.

    When Franz Schoenhuber, leader of an rightwing party in Germany wrote his manifest about the honor of defending Germany and his own membership of the WaffenSS, Grass opposed him. It would have been more honest if he had said " I was a member too and it was a mistake instead of generally condemning all the soldiers of the WaffenSS.

    As a bonus, in the prison of war camp, Grass met the now Pope who indeed was a deserted antiaircraft helper and grew up to be a conservative. The irony.

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