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    Every October, there is a sweep of general officers in Korea.
    The military will be agitated with new assignments for old and new generals. I think one reason for Koreans' growing interest in military officer assignments is based on their unrest security over the current situation.

    While I was in korea, I was also interested in their generals and knew that all of them were well qualified to lead the army. But among them, the most impressive general was the four-star general Jung seung-jo who is now working as the deputy commander of US-ROK CFC(Combined forces command).

    General Jung seung-jo is famous for his brilliance. Ever since he graduated from the Korea Military Academy he has never missed the first place in all his military courses. After his commission as an officer, he served in special forces for decades and was in charge of the forefront as a commanding officer. He also supported the Zaytun unit in Iraq as a division commander. He is a seasoned field soldier boosting years of experience.

    He is recognized in the Korean army as a rare source of intelligence & military operations for his contributions as the deputy director of field operations and the JCS(joint chiefs of staff) chief of PSYOP branch. His education in the U.S made him proficient in english and conversant with U.S-Korea relations as well.

    I send a message of congratulation to the highly-regarded general as he will exercise strong authority in the reorganized command structure of the korean army as the new chairman of the JSC. I expect that he will carry out his duties successfully as he receives this great honor of being the chief of the ROK army.

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