The Gay Mirage

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wolfstrike, May 4, 2012.

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    a lot of Americans are making mistakes by voting the way they think sounds right, issues controlled by emotion.
    America is not a country that passes laws because things sound right, we have very strict limits of what the government can and can't do.
    straying from this idea is working out very well for the elites.

    the gay marriage issue has been pushed to the forefront by homosexuals who really have no interest in a long term monogamous relationship. the effort is to get America to officially recognize homosexuality.

    i'm not sure why the government ever felt the need to get heavily involved in marriage in the first place.
    if marriage stayed as a religious practice, there would be no problems.
    it seems it was a non-religious action, the government extended marriage to people who were not religious.

    you get married and your marriage is recognized by God.
    if it's recognized by Nancy Pelosi, who the hell cares?

    homosexuals have no claim to call marriage a "right", neither does anyone else.
    the rules of marriage are defined by the public, and in the churches by the religious.
    if we place on the government a right to marriage, then why can't i say i have a right to be on the Supreme Court?
    because there are rules that are defined by the public and the government.
    there's nothing fair about these rules.
    a homosexual may claim they don't have the tax advantage, ..but they don't have the tax advantage of a corporation either.

    the only right homosexuals have on this subject, is the right to a co-habitat.

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    You know, they say most homophobes are latent homosexuals...

    I think you are kind of proving the point.

    My attitude on gay marriage. Why not? Why should just the straights have to suffer.

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