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    This thread's purpose is to discuss -- without invoking the accusatory/castigatory, demeaning and demagogic partisanship of "liberals/conservatives this or that" -- the ideas discussed in the panel discussion linked below.
    It's an interesting discussion that draws connections among multiple aspects of our lifestyles, culture, careers, and AI technology. You'll need an hour to listen to it. Take the time to listen to it and then join in the discussion here. There's no need to "rush" to participate in this discussion.

    Thread Rules:
    1. You must connect your remarks to something said in the panel discussion. Do so by either (1) citing the time stamp (start and end) of the panel discussion comment that inspires your remarks ir (2) quoting/paraphrasing the comment you heard in the audio and citing the start time of the speaker's comments. The point of this rule is so that the rest of us can consider the context from which your remark(s) derive.

      Example of what I mean:
      • 14:40 -- James mentions the two main approaches to analyzing what jobs and types of jobs will be lost to automation: the job approach and the task approach. Among the interesting findings is that it's .....
    2. Leave the "liberals this" and "conservatives that" and all the other partisan remarks you are tempted to express "at the door." If you want to refute, champion, amplify on, or laud an idea or approach -- either one from the thread rubric or another member's -- that's fine, but you must do so without any reference to whether the idea and your remarks about it are liberal or conservative and without remarking on whether liberals or conservatives favor or reject a given idea, approach, theme, etc.

      As you listen to the video, you'll notice that the participants (panel and audience members) don't have a thing to say about what's liberal or conservative. They discuss what is, what's been discovered/observed, what's changing, how it is, it's impacts. Listen carefully and you'll notice that they don't all agree about everything. Conduct yourself here as do the panelists in the audio. If you have nothing substantive to add to the discussion that will advance the conversation, don't post at all.
    3. This is a discussion thread, not a contest. There nothing to win or lose here, so don't post like there is. You can attack ideas only -- provided you do so within the confines of rule #2 above -- and you can defend ideas only. Attacks and defenses of individuals and groups of individuals is prohibited.

    Supplemental Content:
    Attached to this post is the transcript from another of the Idea Festival sessions. It's not the rubric document for this thread, but it's also worth reading. (I don't know whether there is an audio/video of it): The document, "The Future of Human-Robot Interaction" contains the entirety of the session's remarks from the introduction, main lecture and subsequent Q&A between the lecturers and audience members. It is from the 2017 Aspen Ideas Festival.​
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