The Forgotten: "BLACKS"

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    Yo, Enjoy! Now Blacks Need To Realize They Are Being Played, And Stop Being Puppets, Like Lebron James, For The Socialist Democrat Party!!!

    I Have a Dream … About Gay Wedding Cakes

    Ann Coulter | Thursday Jun 7, 2018 8:29 AM

    The First Black President Below:
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    The Supreme Court’s recent decision on whether a Christian baker can be forced to make a wedding cake for a gay marriage (no) arriving on the same day that Bill Clinton reared his syphilitic head on NBC’s “Today” reminded me how liberals always use black people as props.

    Midway through the last century, bedrock legal principles about property rights and freedom of association were abrogated to deal with a specific, intractable problem: We could not get Democrats to stop discriminating against blacks.

    So Republicans, with very little Democratic help, passed a slew of laws saying: No, even though you own that restaurant, you cannot discriminate against black customers. And no, even though we are a free people, you cannot refuse to associate with black people in your clubs, universities or sports teams.

    This should have been a one-time exception to the law for one specific group of people based on an emergency.

    But Democrats, never wild about freedom in the first place, saw “civil rights” as a great gig. Instead of civil rights being used to remedy historic injuries done to a specific group of people, they’d use “civil rights” as a false flag for all their pet projects.

    Just six years after passage of the historic 1964 Civil Rights Act, Democrats in New York had dropped black people from the equation and moved onto legalized abortion. State senator Manfred Ohrenstein of Manhattan explained why killing the unborn was a “right”: “It was the end of the civil rights era, and we viewed [abortion] as a civil right.”

    And Apes! :piss2:

    Princeton ethics professor Peter Singer compares black people to apes, citing the black liberation movement as a model for the liberation of apes. We must “extend to other species,” Singer says, “the basic principle of equality” that we extend “to all members of our own species.”

    This wasn’t an Ambien-induced Twitter rant by a comedian. Singer wrote it, calmly and deliberately, in a book on “ethics.”

    Still, I believe the greatest insult black Americans have had to endure from liberals was when they called Bill Clinton the “first black president.”

    I notice that he was not the first black president when Democrats were singing Fleetwood Mac at his inauguration, nor when he was appointing the first woman attorney general or passing welfare reform. Only after Clinton was caught in the most humiliating sex scandal in U.S. history did he suddenly become “the first black president.” (Which is not true, according to Monica Lewinsky’s description of Clinton’s private parts.)

    During the House impeachment hearings, Rep. Maxine :evil: Waters ferociously defended Clinton, saying, “I am here in the name of my slave ancestors.” She said she had woken up in the middle of the night, “with flashes of the struggles of my African ancestors for justice.” Sorry, I still sound like a Slave Ancestor, because my English has not progressed. :whip:

    What this had to do with Clinton perjuring himself about molesting a White Chubby Jewish White House intern was anyone’s guess. :whipg:

    Read All Below:
    I Have a Dream ... About Gay Wedding Cakes | Human Events

    You Will Never Learn, You Immoral Nuts Need To Stay Behind Closed Doors, Period!!!
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    I hope this post takes off -- you seem to put a lot of work into it.

    Good Luck!

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