The final 40 hours of "Hopey Changey"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bucs90, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Well, it's been one helluva 2 years. Obama was swept into office under Disney-like magical moments. He truly sparked hope into millions of Americans who thought maybe, just maybe this is the man they've all been waiting for. And unfortunately, the hard reality has come that no one man, no Earthly man anyway, can do that for us. No government can do that for us. We can rely only on ourselves, our family and neighbors.

    The right is going to take a large chunk of power on Tuesday. Barack Obama's presidency will be crippled. He will not get anything done for 2 years, then likely be voted out in 2012, being defeated by a Republican, or maybe even the slim chance he will not even be the Democratic nominee.

    The sad reality, but refreshing once you accept it, is our nation has been crippled by personal and national greed. We overspent. We were gluttons to the almight dollar for a few decades. We got rich as hell. Our "poor" live in the top 5% of standard of living of the whole world. But, now we're gonna pay the price.

    Politicians are fighting for their careers. Our society has become lazy and dependent. We want someone to GIVE us everything rather than earn it. It's no longer the ambitious thing to EARN a job that gives health insurance. No, we want it GIVEN to us.

    And who do we look to for things to be given? Politicians. And politicians know they must promise something to us to get our votes. So they make empty promises, destined to break them, and we get mad and vote them out. And the cycle repeats. And our nation grow angrier, less patient, etc, etc, until we are gonna hit rock bottom. What then?

    Who knows. Maybe one day we'll realize the best form of health insurance is to not become a disgusting fat ass and keep your body somewhat fit. Eat healthy. Exercise. You won't get sick nearly as much, and you'll need healthcare far less, thus reducing demand, and thus reducing price.

    Maybe one day we'll relearn the idea that you don't deserve a house at 22 years old and working part time. There was a time when folks couldn't buy a home until 35, 40 years old. We need to go back there.

    Maybe one day we'll realize having kids out of wedlock, and before financial stability, is a BAD IDEA. Maybe we'll stop accepting 17 year old women with 3 kids and no job as a social norm, and instead pressure kids to NOT do that.

    Maybe one day we'll discipline our kids, and at least allow our teachers to do the same.

    And maybe one day we'll appreciate our jobs, and realize it's our rich boss who PAYS us, not our rich boss who OWES us. And we could all be that rich boss one day, so stop demonizing him. Some bosses suck. If its that bad quit. If you accept the check, so be it.

    But one thing is for sure, "Hopey Changey" has seen it's best days pass.
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    Yeah....we've heard....


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