The FBI and MLK

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    :whip: An interesting article appeared in The Atlantic Monthly for May 2002, on the Martin Luther King assassination. This article reported on the Memphis Jury's "conclusion that a government conspiracy was responsible for King's assassination." US government agencies were implicated in the crime...And Martin Luther King III was quoted,
    "It's probably a fact that the intelligence community played a role."

    On March 3, 1997, THE MONTEL WILLIAMS, program and a show on the MLK assassination with members of the King family, William Pepper(attorney for James Earl Ray), FBI agent, Arther Murtagh(was the agent in charge of the surveillance of MLK), and others...Mr. Murtagh admitted the surveillance of MLK by the FBI under..."circumstances" where they knew "everything that was going on...".

    While he did not admit that the FBI was involved in the assassination of MLK...he did say he believed there was a "...conspiracy"(by the FBI) to "...destroy Dr. King in the public mind..."

    One of the more interesting questions would have been whether the FBI was surveilling MLK on the day of the assassination...? If they would have to assume they had canvassed the area and would have known where all the "players" were...and possibly have footage of the actual assassination...?

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