The Farm Boy

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    Shoveling the ashes
    The teenage farm boy comes down for breakfast in the morning, and his mother tells him "No breakfast until you do your chores".

    He heads outside grumbling.
    As he's feeding the chickens, he's getting a little pissed off about having to work so early in the morning and so he kicks one of the chickens.
    As he's feeding the pigs, he gets madder and kicks one of the pigs.
    As he's feeding the cows, he's still mad and kicks one of the cows.
    As he's turning on the irrigation system for the corn, he decides that the corn isn't gonna care if he kicks it, so he doesn't do anything.

    He goes back inside and sits down. His mother sets a bowl of corn flakes in front of him (no milk).
    "What the heck is this?", he says, "No bacon?, no eggs?, just cornflakes with no milk?"
    His mother tells him, I saw you kick the chicken, I saw you kick the pig and I saw you kick the cow. You'll get no eggs, bacon or milk for a month.
    As he's eating his dry corn flakes, his dad comes down the stairs. Just as he reaches the second to the last step, the cat runs between his fathers feet and his dad stumbles and almost falls down. The dad pulls back his foot and kicks the cat.
    The boy looks at his mom and asks, "Are you going to tell him about the pussy, or should I?"

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