The farce of 'public service'...

Discussion in 'Congress' started by Ventura77, Oct 22, 2017.

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    We certainly have access to each other's opinions like no other time in history. Anybody can purport to be some sort of authority, babble on relentlessly grinding whatever axe they wish to grind and otherwise blur the distinction between journalism and propaganda. To an increasing degree, news and information have become Balkanized and chaotic.

    At the same time, the mainstream press has become more monolithic in delivery, has abandoned any pretense of journalistic ethics, and is now in the business of manufacturing opinion rather than informing the public. The days of Huntley and Brinkley or Walter Cronkite are dead, having been replaced by the jackhammering propaganda of Rachel Maddow and the rest of politically correct tribe leftist.

    Meanwhile, tribe right has entrenched themselves in A.M. radio, hammering on with their own talking points through all the familiar pundits, and using the same crafted terminology. Unlike the leftists, however, they are at least honest enough to posit themselves as being in the business of opinion rather than News.

    As to what constitutes "the press", we can argue until the cow comes home, but there have been such massive changes in the way information is made accessible that he entire system is dysfunctional. People are being conditioned by the leftists into thinking the leftist orthodoxy of Maddow et al IS the deliverance of the news, and that is the real problem as far as I see it. Few people have the critical thinking skills necessary to realize that the mainstream so-called "news" is actually in the business of shaping how they see the world.

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