The FACTS about Hanoi Kerry.

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    Hanoi Kerry got into service after fruitless efforts to dodge it with all sorts of deferrments.

    Kerry, couldn't dodge it like his Dem counterpart, Fearless Willy Clinton who bugged-out to England, then to Communist Russia during the Vietnam War. Hanoi Kerry also BUGGED-OUT after only FOUR MONTHS and used as an excuse this THREE fake purple hearts two of which were self-inflicted, not under enemy fire, and the third was his dubious "fanny wound" PH which questionably earned him a bronze star. The other two medals are also questionable as being based on Kerry's own written exaggerated self-serving accounts disputed by the Swift Boaters who ACTUALLY oversaw the events.

    The FACTS are described in the book in GREAT DETAIL. The book has all the authenticity any reasonable person would want in that of the 20 Swift Boat Officers who served alongside Hanoi Kerry, and bunked with him in the same ship. ELEVEN officers declared that he was UNFIT FOR COMMAND, one was against Kerry but did not have the opportunity to sign the letter, two are deceased, four did not want to get involved.

    ONLY ONE OF THE TWENTY OFFICERS SUPPORTED THE MULTI - MILLIONAIRE KERRY, and that's the one that Hanoi Kerry dragged around on his campaign trips.

    For those few who need to have REALITY AMPLIFIED let me give you this comparable scenario: Let's say you are working in a close knit corporation, so closely related that you actually bunk together so that you TWENTY live for months under one roof. One of the TWENTY is an OUTRAGEOUS FRAUD. Of the TWENTY that denounce him ONLY ONE supports him.Is it anywhere near being RATIONAL to assume that this COMTEMPTIBLE SCUMBAG is not an OUTRAGEOUS FRAUD ???????

    My additional input: According to the American Psychiatric Journal of Studies ONE out of TEN Americans needs to be committed in a mental institution. At least Two of the remaining Ten have serious personality problems. YOU DO THE MATH.

    Read the book by John O'Neill and Jerome R. Corsi : "UNFIT FOR COMMAND". John O'Neill took over Hanoi Kerry's Swift Boat after Kerry's BUG-OUT.

    The book is prefaced with two introductory statements. One by REAR ADMIRAL ROY F HOFFMAN, USN (RETIRED). Commander of the Vietnam Swift Boats and that of Hanoi Kerry, his opening sentence: " I do not believe that John Kerry is fit to be the commander in chief of the armed forces of the United States."

    Another nail in Hanoi Kerry's mendacious coffin:

    Hanoi Kerry's photo does NOT hang in any of our Nation's Halls of Honour for Service Rendered to one's country. However, Hanoi Kerry's photo, to this very day, hangs in our erstwhile ENEMY'S War Remnants Museum in Hanoi, dedicated to our ENEMY'S HEROES.

    Hanoi Kerry's photo hangs in The War Remnants Museum in Hanoi dedicated to those who were responsible for the conquest of South Vietnam, AND AMERICA !!!

    BTW, It will be interesting if this thread of mine will also somehow be relegated to some Secondary Reading Category like International News, or something, because its TRUTH is offensive to the Dems who attempted to foist this particular MONUMENTAL FRAUD on us as well.

    But, then, waddaIknow.
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