The End of the Rainbow Dream

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    The End of the Rainbow Dream

    5/14/12 by der Patriot

    One would expect the presence of large numbers of Muslims in Western European cities to strain the traditional alliance between gays and the Left-Multicultural political establishment. Muslims, after all, make no secret about the fact that their religious law commands them to persecute — and even execute — homosexuals.

    But the force of denial is strong. Up until recently there were few cracks in the Rainbow-Multicultural façade. Now things seem to be changing: homosexuals are fleeing their traditional neighborhoods in Hamburg, and are speaking up openly about what is happening.

    Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Die Welt, via SOS-Österreich:

    A Multi-Culti Dream Shatters — Gays Flee Hamburg

    May 14, 2012 (from WeltOnline, May 12)
    by der Patriot

    HAMBURG — The colorful, multiculti world in quarter St. Georg has developed fissures. Gays feel threatened by Muslims. Attacks and vulgar remarks by Muslims are directed at gays. Ahmet Yazici: “Homosexuality is a sin in Islam.”

    Gays and Muslims are no longer fond of each other.* Again and again recently, there are reports of attacks and vulgar comments by Muslims against gays. Ahmet Yazici, vice chair of the Islamic community in north Germany, rejects the blanket condemnation of the Muslims in the quarter: “Homosexuality is a sin in Islam, but that would never be a legitimate reason to use violence,” says the 42 year-old. In the quarter behind the main railroad station are 13 mosques and prayer rooms. At the same time, it is the center of the homosexual scene in Hamburg.

    Gates of Vienna: The End of the Rainbow Dream
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