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    I'm using this very neat map at
    2012 Presidential Election Interactive Map and History of the Electoral College

    The user can change the selection - red, blue, swing - for any state and it will return your changed map when you next access the site.

    I am using the 12 states considered "swing" that most analysts are using -

    VA, OH, FL, PA. CO, WI, MI, NC, NV, NH, IA, NM

    I've changed the map to place these 12 states in swing mode. Originally I believe they had MO as a swing state. I disagree based on several polls and changed MO to RED.

    The EV in the above situation is O=211, R=191

    Today after reading articles about the overwhelming NC vote on the marriage amendment [20 pt spread], Ithat convinces me that NCwill go RED and I've now changed that state.

    The current EV is now O=196, R=206

    I continue to watch polls in the other states waiting for something unexpected to happen that may swing a state [in my mind] to one side or another.

    I will also be ready to make a decision on WI on June 6. If Walker wins big, I will put that state in the RED. If a squeaker, it will remain swing. If Barrett wins beyond squeaker size, I will change it to BLUE.

    I also tend to believe that this time, as WI goes, so goes the country and that Romney will win hands down.

    Play your own game, your own rules, your own logic and see how well you do at the end........

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