The Duopoly + lamestream media misframe debates as having only 1 of 2 answers!

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    They present most arguments as only having a republican solution and a democratic solution when in reality there may be 50 good solutions.
    "Gay marriage' is a good example.
    The Duopoly & lamestream media have framed the GAY MARRIAGE debate as:

    The repukes Adam & Steve...the bible says it is wrong so let's have a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage
    you're a bigot if you oppose 'gay marriage' so let's make gay marriage legal so then churches in Alabama will get sued to refuse performing marriages on homosexuals

    when, in fact, there is a very rational reality based argument as to why 'gay marriage' shouldn't be legal.....wait for it....wait for it....



    marriage=heterosexual union (the legal definition in >95% of the country & also the HISTORICAL DEFINITION of the word marriage for the past several THOUSAND years of known human history!) so


    Now of course this is where the PC nazis will do the predictable 'shoot the messenger' routine. Why? Well since I have articulated a rationale argument against 'gay marriage' that must mean I'm a small minded uneducated bigot? ;-P In my defense, I say this.....I did not create the past several THOUSANDS of years of history wherein the word MARRIAGE ALWAYS referred to a heterosexual union. Furthermore, I did not write the laws wherein over 95% of the country defines the word marriage legally as a HETEROSEXUAL UNION! It wasn't until probably the 1980s or so that ANYONE on the planet every consider applying the word 'marriage' to a homosexual couple. I am not responsible for that FACT!

    So the real question is why do homosexual couples WANT to have a title that infers they are a 'heterosexual union'????? Could it be the WE'RE LOUD WE'RE PROUD crowd???? If it is really about them having their 'rights' then they should favor the best solution which is to remove the controversial word 'marriage' out of legal proceedings by simply having governmental LEGAL CIVIL UNIONS FOR ALL CITIZENS (homosexuals & heterosexuals). Then people can call it 'marriage' if they want but they can't force churches to perform homosexual unions (the end point of legalizing 'gay marriage' will be Churches in Alabama getting sued bc they refuse to marry homosexuals). Oh wait I know why they don't favor that is bc The Duopoly demands that you only get one of two choices & that is why it must be destroyed!
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