The Dude Culture

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    The Dude Culture
    By Marianne M. Jennings
    March 24, 2006

    Time Magazine has twice run multi-page spreads on dude geniuses. A recent Time exposé featured the top four thinkers in the country. Mark Cuban, thinker/owner of the Dallas Mavericks and co-founder of and HDNet was one of them and weighed in, "In the past, you had to memorize knowledge because there was a cost to finding it. Now, what can't you find in 30 seconds or less? We live an open-book-test life that requires a completely different skill set."

    Dudes worry me because they don't know what came before them or even that we survived without them! Yes, anyone can look up "Mephistopheles" on the Internet in 30 seconds, but it might take cracking a book or two to understand Faustus. Another ten bucks says they don't know either one and are hoping Google's "Did you mean _______?" will correct their spelling when they plug them in for a search.

    Mr. Cuban is right about one thing. The Dude Culture is the 30-second culture - their attention span is the length of an MTV video camera shot. This attention span deficit disorder (ASDA) has pummeled their work ethic. My children's pediatricians bemoaned the process of taking on new docs for their expanding 15-year-plus-practice, "They don't want to pay their dues. They want the flex hours, the short hours, the no-on-call-weekends, and they want it all with partnership status and all within the first year." Chill, Dr. Dudes!

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