The Downside of EHRs

Discussion in 'Health and Lifestyle' started by Madeline, Aug 3, 2010.

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    Cleveland. Feel mah pain.
    We have a huge local hospital-with-doctors practices attached here that has used EHRs for many years. Like most locals, when I first moved here I used them. I know now, my experience there was not unique.

    In a 15 minute consult, the doctor never once looked at me or touched me. All he or she seemed interested in doing was verifying/updating the information in the fucking computer. I could have phoned in the consult and IMO, the care was not just was absent.

    Who diagnoses strep without a throat culture or temp?

    My neighbor lady is stuck going to them. She is dying of colon cancer...and she gets this same dehumanized treatment. The last time she went, her aide went along and the aide became so enraged that the doctor would not even look at her (my neighbor) she raised her voice to the doctor.

    I think we are going to find EHRs will revolutionize medicine alright. They will santize the practice of many a bad doctor, excuse the rest from interacting with patients and make us all feel like cattle. I understand the need for portable health records, etc. But I am not welcoming this shift in attention away from patients and onto pc screens.

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