The DNC knows it's followers are dumb, but they are sending help/

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Two Thumbs, Nov 24, 2010.

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    Where ever I go, there I am.
    Like some of you, I sent a congratulatory email to that screeching harpy in the House, aka Madam Pelosi.

    Apparently I was too kind. Now I'm getting emails.

    Here's the the email from the DCCC;

    Picture this. You're settling in at the table on Thursday and in between shouts of "please pass the mashed potatoes," one of your relatives starts repeating one of Sarah Palin's lies, or some ludicrous accusation about President Obama that he heard at a tea party rally or on Rush Limbaugh's radio show. WOW!! No fear mongering rhetoric there. And remember, put party WAY ahead of family.

    To make sure that you're ready to talk politics with all of your obnoxious Republican relatives this Thanksgiving, we're proud to bring you a special pre-Turkey Day edition of @Stake.

    Return of the DCCC's Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

    You just know it's bound to happen, especially after an election season as heated as this one was. That Republican relative we all have is going to show up at Thanksgiving and start parroting lies about Democrats that he heard on Fox News or from one of those shadow group attack ads he saw on TV during the campaign. Shadow groups? When did the RNC start hiring ninjas?

    That's why we're proud to bring back the DCCC's Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet. Yes, a cheat sheet. The Cheat Sheet will arm you with the real facts so you can answer back with the truth as soon as your Republican relatives start sounding like Sarah Palin. And don't we all sound like her.

    Download the DCCC's 2010 Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet to make sure you're ready to do political battle with any Republicans who show up at your Turkey Day feast.

    Voice Your Outrage against Republican Health Care Hypocrisy

    And speaking of outrageous things Republicans say, thanks to you we are holding all of those Republican hypocrites accountable for wanting to accept taxpayer-funded health care even as they promise to repeal health insurance reform for hardworking Americans.

    Already, more than 30,000 of you have signed our petition, calling for House Republicans to forgo taxpayer-funded health care benefits before trying to repeal health care reform. FYI, The Congress gets an entirely different package than what any of us could dream of.

    If you haven't done so already, sign our petition to help us expose all of the Republican Health Care Hypocrites. If you already signed, get your friends and family to sign it today.

    Recount Update

    And, the race continues in New York's 1st District. The good news is thanks to your ongoing support of our members still locked in these too-close-to-call races, Rep. Tim Bishop is now up by over 200 votes. Republicans are making a last ditch effort to challenge Democratic ballots in an attempt to steal this race in the closing days, but with your support we will be able to keep up the fight.

    Thank you for standing with him and if you can give again, your support is still greatly needed in this nail-biter in New York. Contribute today to help keep up the fight >>

    From all of us at the DCCC, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Thanks again for all that you do.

    Jon Vogel
    DCCC Executive Director

    It must be embarrassing to NEED notes. I can only assume, since I do much of my own research, such as watching different news channels, reading different sites.


    Dems, even your leaders think your dim.:lol::lol::lol:

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