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    My big boy gets fixed on the 2nd! Wooo hoooo...and my son was puzzled, then horrified, by the concept of neutering.

    We had our checkup at the vet's yesterday, and she must have said at least 4 times how wonderful my big boy looked, and she congratulated me! I'm not sure what I did to be congratulated for, other than I did give him the meds (pretty much) she gave me to give him.

    He was pretty bad by the time we got him in, though. They didn't get him in until like 5 days after I called, so he had 5 days to get worse, I guess I didn't communicate effectively how bad he was when I called to make the appointment. Though the lady who makes the appointments is kind of a snit, I think she imagines she knows a lot more than she actually does; she thought she was going to get my boy up on the scale when I couldn't, it took her about two seconds to figure out that he wasn't half as stupid as he looks. I ended up getting him on the scales, by myself.

    Anyway, skin and ears all better, and he got his shots. This trip cost me just as much as the last one! And lord only knows how much on the 2nd. But then we'll be done for a while, unless he gets sick or something.

    We've been going to the beach every couple of days, and this time of year the beach is glorious. The weather is mild (even kind of warm! No coats!) the sun has been out..and NOBODY on the beach. Well that's an exaggeration...we met one guy with a little dog and we saw a family walk by. Other than that, no living creatures in sight. He gets to run! We'll do it again later today.

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