The Critters From The Litters (In The Food Chain)

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    Anyone would guess that economies arranged so that "The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer:" Don't seem to work very well at all. IMF estimates the total sub-prime mortgage crisis at $5.0 tril. The bail-outs and stimulus spending programs are put in excess of $10.0 tril. Anyone notices that the Law of the Jungle applies. "Them What Has, Gets," in the same way that, "The Big Fish Eat The Little Fish!"

    Fish, of course, are in schools: And never Learn! And in fact, missing in the all the spending, and the failure to send in the mortgage payments--is that even after that, the humans in the schools: Never Learn!"

    There is probably more than just "coincidence" at work. The basic Presbyterian take on economics is that indigenous aborigines, when left on their own, will all create abundant wealth for everyone in all the lairs where the humans live. It is even regarded French, and called "laizzez-faire." In English, the Presbyterians call it, "Enlightened Self-Interest:" Which would lead anyone to ask, "Well, What do they know anyway. . .And When Did They Know It?!?"

    The critters, at any rate, eventually arrive in schools(?)! No one apparently learns, in the schools: Wherein, however, paychecks are nevertheless provided: Even wrongly(?). Just what is this about really, when put under the microscope of human scrutiny?!? The paychecks create a sense of "living."

    When the Socialists came along, they made no bones about the real Laws of nature--and the big fish and the little fish, and "Them What Has, Gets!" Incomes were raised in the entire Eastern Bloc a fixed percentage across-the-board. The echelon bureucracy denizens got the more fodder. The non-echelon--critters--got the lesser fodder. China created regional, fixed percentage COLA's: And even though a price rise for one, is a price rise for all. The Chinese are apparently not to be any manner regarded skilled at French. Old, White Americans were put on a Social Security COLA under Nixon. It was already known that other groups actually didn't live that long--in the manner of the fish-in-schools. That was called, basic actuarial assumption.

    Teachers get fixed percentage pay raises, and in COLAs, nevertheless. Most unions accept fixed percentage pay raises in contract. Government and transfer payment economies are the same.

    No one learns, and nothing changes. The equal dollar raised and indexed standard deduction, and personal exemptions, in the 1986 US Tax Reform are mainly worthless to lower incomes anymore. The refundable tax credit mainly arrives in the ghettos later on.

    This raises the question, "How could anyone be offended that anyone would point out that the Obamas send the little kids to the pricey place, to do their daily female best, every day--learning wrong things from adults clearly doing wrong things." On the contrary, in recent current events: When exposed, even Rev. Al Sharpton wanted everyone to know that he had collected enough "fodder" to send the nappy headed ho's on the team to the pricey place, to do their daily female best, every day--learning wrong things from adults clearly doing wrong things.

    This was one proud, fodder-blessed, kind of guy!

    Now there liberals in power, so apparently something more inclusive is needed to describe the phonomena, widespread in America. So here is posted. In America. . .the critters. . .from the litters. . .of the lairs. . .are in schools: Where they at least become fodder. . .and apparently for the criminally insane! Even 9th Ward New Orleans was not a community swimming hole. . .until it was, because some didn't have enough to leave.

    As they no doubt say in the schools in New Orleans to this date: The rest is up to Dodger baseball, and their famous Tonight Show trainer, Al Campanis--of the lesson of the bouyancy that all New Orleans learned, and then all America, and the planet--in the schools.

    Clearly, the Ivy League has learned this--Even several trillions of dollars later!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Who could fail to notice that there are all kinds of laws of nature: At work, every day, and even worldwide?!)
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