The Case for Surveillance

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    The Case for Surveillance
    By Mortimer B. Zuckerman, U.S. News & World Report

    How does any civilized nation cope with fanatical barbarism? What kind of people will plot to murder thousands--so crazed with hate they will kill their own families for the cause?

    Even after 9/11 we have been slow to recognize the nature of the beast we face. It is hard for us to comprehend the mentality of, say, the group of 21 homegrown suicidal jihadists apprehended last year in Britain. We now know not only that they were prepared to blow up 10 civilian airliners flying from London to the United States--which might have killed as many as 3,500 innocent people--but also that they planned to avoid airport scrutiny by traveling with their wives and children and were thus prepared to execute their nearest and dearest.

    As a free society, we are remarkably vulnerable. Our open borders permit second-generation terrorists from Europe to infiltrate under the legal visa waiver program. We admit many imams from Egypt and Pakistan trained in Saudi Arabia under the extremist perversion of Islam known as Wahhabism. The consequences of our tolerance are spelled out in a recent report by the New York City Police Counterterrorism Department. It focuses on how difficult it is to follow the "trajectory of radicalization"--the behavior and whereabouts of homegrown radical Islamists. That New York report has to be read with the most recent National Intelligence Estimate that the external threat from al Qaeda has not waned despite expanded worldwide counterterrorism efforts. (scroll down to the last article listed)
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    I think this is dangerous.

    It is intended as good of course. And I don't think anyone is lying about it either. But progress know only one way.

    A shallow analysis:

    The Idea:
    The idea is to increase the chance to meet one potential problem.

    Techincal progress:
    You will be able to record everything. Machines will be able to search the material blindingly fast.

    No one knows who will be in power in 20 or 50 years.

    Threats will be re-evaluated over and over (Remeber communists 30 years ago)

    There will also be alot of (good) arguments for other possible uses: Tracking pedophiles, kidnappers and other criminals.

    The Risk:
    A worst case scenario isn't even worth dwelling into. No matter how we try, it could always get worse. But a clear risk with a high probablility is that innocent people will suffer from misuse of information.

    To conclude, I think we should always be careful when we give up our integrity. This is also a bit un-american.

    This is more like America:

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