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    When everyone sees that the only way to have a balance budget is either to go back to the old tax structure for the very rich or eliminate programs that were put into place to help the average person lead a life where they don't end up in soup lines or living in the garges of their childern or in some back ally like a bumb things will start to make sense.
    Are we in this as a country or are we in this so a few can flourish and the rest can either survive or be worse off.
    I think we got the answer with the Tea Party, it's all about ME, the hell with you.

    We had the largest Tax give away in history in 2000 under Bush, and where has it led us?
    The real problem is greed entered into our society about the same time as bush and no one was interested in saving jobs for americans, just a bigger profit for those who have.

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