The Bogus Safety Net

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    If you've been following the news you're certainly aware of the mass starvation and the huge number of people dying due to exposure to the elements in Texas, Florida, and the other states lacking a state income tax. Or maybe not.

    Liberals are constantly telling us we need larger government to take care of the disadvantaged in our society. Yet even in states with small, less expansive governments, people are not starving due to lack of food or dying because they have no place to live. We know that if people in Texas were starving or dying needlessly due to a lack of government funds, the mainstream media would be covering it 24/7; but instead the media just complains about the number of people who aren't insured or other non-direct measures of wellbeing.

    Texas and the other small government states are proof of what we learned when Republicans reformed welfare under Bill Clinton; if people can get a free ride by having the government steal from their neighbors, they will accept the government money and get by without the bother of work; if people can't get a free ride via inter-citizen theft, then people will work to keep themselves from misery.

    The liberal position is that the poor are too incompetent or stupid to actually take care of themselves. Of course the liberals don't use the pejoratives out loud, but liberals do declare that the poor can't take care of themselves without the aid of liberal politicians funneling other people's money to them........

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