The Best Surgeon in California

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    Three Californian surgeons were playing golf together and discussing
    surgeries they had performed. One of them said, "I'm the best surgeon in
    California . In my favorite case, a concert pianist lost several fingers
    in an accident, I reattached them, and 8 months later he performed a private
    concert for the Queen of England ."

    The second surgeon said, "That's nothing. A young man lost an arm and
    both legs in an accident, I reattached them and two years later he won a gold
    medal in track and field events at the Olympics."

    The third surgeon said, "You guys are amateurs. Several years ago a
    woman was high on cocaine and marijuana and she rode a horse head-on into a
    train traveling 80 miles an hour. All I had left to work with was the woman's
    hair and the horse's ass. I was able to put them together and now she's
    Speaker of the House."
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    Variation on a theme:

    An Israeli doctor said,
    'Medicine in my country is so advanced, we can take a kidney out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.'

    A German doctor said,
    'That's nothing ! In Germany, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.'

    A Russian doctor said,
    'In my country medicine is so advanced, we can take half a heart from one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks.'

    The English doctor, not to be outdone said
    'Hah !. 'We can take an arsehole out of Scotland, put him in 10 Downing Street and have half the country looking for work within twenty-four hours'.

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