The Benz Blackbook

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    How will capitalism change our theosophical-storytelling?



    An American car-salesman named Stanley was very idealistic about capitalism and commerce. He loved selling cars, and his speciality was selling Mercedes-Benz cars to yuppies. Stanley was very good at his job, and he valued the experience of learning about cars while trying to sell their best qualities to consumers in America. Stanley was also a fan of the television series Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. He was considered the best Benz-salesman on the East Coast(!).


    Americans were buying all kinds of cars in the new millennium. Ford Motor Company (F) which could have plummeted in shares somehow managed to soar from $1/share to $15/share in just one year (2009-2010). In this flurry of consumer euphoria, all kinds of car companies flourished such as Saab, Kia, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, and Subaru. Stanley was happy selling his Mercedes-Benz cars. Then, one day a strange woman walked up to him at his Benz-store and insisted she knew him(!).

    STANLEY: I'm a little confused...are you interested in this Benz, ma'am?
    WOMAN: I'm too old for a Benz, Stanley!
    STANLEY: How'd you know my name? Do I know you?
    WOMAN: You don't recognize me...I knew you from the past.
    STANLEY: What?
    WOMAN: You travelled back in time and courted me but returned home.
    STANLEY: Strange...I have no 'recollection' of this(!).
    WOMAN: I'm not insane; you were a dashing salesman in 1800s California.
    STANLEY: Look, unless you're the Lady of the Lake, I'm not amused here.
    WOMAN: I'm not trying to give you the creeps, Stanley (I need your help).
    STANLEY: I'm a car-salesman, ma'am; I think you need a psychiatrist(!).
    WOMAN: You're a good Benz-salesman, but you've forgotten our 'adventure.'
    STANLEY: What do you want(?)?
    WOMAN: Take this Benz-keychain and meditate on time-travel tonight.
    STANLEY: And what...return to you(?) in that Christopher Reeve movie?
    WOMAN: Humor me, Stanley (I'm an old woman...harmless).


    Stanley went home that night and did what the strange old woman requested of him in the Benz-store that day. He held the Benz-keychain (a charm he supposed) in his palm and began meditating on time-travel (to humor the poor old woman who seemed rather depressed about people ignoring her!). Stanley suddenly realized he was in 1800s California. He went berserk. He purchased a mask from a Halloween store and went around a suburban neighbourhood in southern California pretending to be a Bible-salesman (entering the homes, putting on his mask, and killing people with a small revolver he stole!). Stanley realized his life was completely metaphysically deranged.


    After about two years, Stanley came to his senses and began searching for traces of the 'old woman' at the Benz-store who gave him the keychain and requested him to meditate on time-travel and landed him in this mess in the first place(!). Stanley tracked her down to a small home in Pacific Beach. She was very beautiful and explained to him she was waiting for him. He demanded to know what was going on, and the woman told him she was indeed the Lady of the Lake, and she wanted to make Stanley a 'diplomat' of the American Dream. Stanley wondered how he'd ever get back to his cherished Benz-store and once again be a 'normal' capitalism-certified car-salesman(!).




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