The Basic Problem with Congress

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    The Good insane United states of America
    The basic problem with congress is they won't reform and focus on America. There's way to many interest groups and stupid people in this country.

    -They need to reform healthcare
    -They need to look into reforming ssi, ssd and medicare
    -They need to close military bases and tirm about 200 billion from the defense budget
    -They need to limit unemployment
    -End all tax cuts
    These top 5 are the cause of our debt problems.
    -Close loop holes for the top 10% of this country
    -Raise taxes on the top 10%! Back to pre-reagan.
    -Increase funding for infrastructure, science, r&d and things that generate jobs for the low and middle class.
    -Tariff the shit out of all imports! Cheap shit is destroying our small businesses.
    -Get out of Nafta and tar up all the stupid trade deals.
    -Raise the minimum wage to 10.10 per hour

    We need to start focusing on policies that help the middle class and small business development. sadly, way to many in the congress today don't have our best interest at heart. Way to much focus on the 1% and not nearly enough on the other 99%!
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