The Attacks Have Begun ….and They Are Ugly!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nevadamedic, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Dear Don,

    One thing that I learned long ago…. Establishment candidates don’t like to defend their records. Instead, they maliciously attack the messenger.

    In this case it’s Senator Sam Brownback. For years in the pocket of big business, Sam is one of the most reliable pro-amnesty votes in the Senate. He ranks right up their with John McCain getting a “D” on his amnesty report card. Yet he is out in Iowa telling the voter he is against amnesty and has been working hard for a secure border! It’s an outrage!

    Well, we have been setting the record straight and so the Senator resorted to “push calls” against Tom. Push calls are the lowest form of political attack, designed for maximum damage to an opponent but out of public sight. And they are almost always a distortion of the truth.

    Sen. Brownback’s calls are malicious and deceitful, completely mischaracterizing Tom’s life-long record, and we’ve called him on it. But we are not backing down!

    In fact we are going to take our message to another level—to the airwaves! Today we are going to begin radio ads (not below-the-radar push calls) that tell the truth about the Senator’s extensive voting record in support of open borders, social security and tuition benefits for illegal aliens, and amnesty.

    But I need your help. To make certain we are able to defeat this amnesty politician I need to reach as many Iowans as possible and I need to do so now! The straw poll is in less than three weeks! Any contribution you can make this week will go to smoking out this pro-amnesty fraud.

    I know I have asked for your help so many times before, but I have no one else to ask. Tom is such a great candidate, the leader of our movement and a champion of our issue. I don’t want to disappoint him by not being able to reach enough Iowans to let them know that Tom is the ONE presidential candidate they can trust to secure our borders and never support amnesty for illegal aliens!

    We simply can’t let these amnesty-voting candidates masquerade around outside Washington as champions of immigration reform when back in Washington they are working overtime to sell out our nation! Any thing you can do to help me expose and defeat this amnesty politician would be really be appreciated!

    We have so much momentum in Iowa right now—you can just feel it. I sure hope you can help us keep it.

    Bay Buchanan

    P.S. Earlier this week, USA Today ran a story showing that Tom has the highest percentage of “low dollar” (under $200) contributors of any presidential candidate. 76% of our contributions are under $200….and we are making a real impact on this race without the fat-cat contributions that are fueling our opponents’ campaigns.

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