The Answer Is Simple: If They're Not Now Paying More Tax Than Before

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    [....introduce them all to Mssr Guillotine's invention. The Brits instituted their version of the Buffet Rule a year ago. Guess what? Tax revenues dropped instead. #OWS response would be what? Off with their heads, of course. Barry let the Race and Class warfare genie out of the bottle to facilitate his re election. The trick will be getting it back in after its all over. That's what those 40,000 drones scheduled to be stationed stateside apparently are for. Add to that the pictures of the tax man coming for his money garbed like the Special Forces ops Janet Reno sent to retrieve Elian Gonzalez from his Miami relatives after he manged to survive washing up on these shores in the arms of his dead mother in order to return him to Fidel castro's embrace. Barry should have added a little footnote to his remarks "Let it be known that today was the day the oceans stopped rising and the planet began to heal" and 'today was the day your bondage began'.

    As heard during the 2008 election:
    Woman screaming; "He's going to pay for my groceries!!!"
    Man questioning; "Where's he going to get the money?"
    Woman screaming; "From his stash!!!!!!" ]

    "In 2010, the UK implemented what could be described as their version of the “Buffett Rule” that President Obama has been proposing in the US.

    Early numbers show that the concerns of those who thought the new tax would backfire like a TVR Cerbera were not unfounded:

    So the well-to-do might be simply taking their money elsewhere? What a shocker!

    The Obama administration actually recognizes this. So when pondering things like the “Buffett Rule,” instead of concluding that it might be a bad idea because of the inherent counterproductivity, they’re trying to figure out ways to do make those tax chains inescapable to even the most limber of capitalist Houdinis. That explains calls for things like a global minimum tax — a mandatory “we will find you and tax you anyway no matter where you are” penalty for any greedy, unpatriotic rich person who dares try to take their money elsewhere.

    Turning America’s into a Hotel California of sorts (“you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”) is a sure way to send any business that might have been even considering a move to America crawling back to their digs in other parts of the world"

    Michelle Malkin » Surprise: UK’s Version of ‘Buffett Rule’ Failing to Bring in Expected Revenue

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