The Anarchists Stimulus Package

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    For a moment, let us say that the Republicans and conservatives are spot on---we only need to cut taxes, if that!!

    Then, why not take Reaganomics to the edge-- eliminate taxes all together!!!

    Let us think about this from a conservative perspective. If tax cuts stimulate economic growth, and increase tax revenues--then no taxes at all should turn this economy around and cut the deficit in half!!

    Of course, we can make this idea even better by eliminating all government spending as well. Intellectuals from the right have long proposed that deficits and economic woes are produced by social programs(look at communist Russia and North Korea!!) thus eliminating these programs will resolve them and help pay the deficit. On issues such as Defense, and Intelligence. Try grabbing a gun and a Bible!! Diplomacy--assign Canada the job while we recall government in every aspect.

    The cost of this package--hey the tax elimination part will pay for it so why bother with the math??

    So let us tell the Obamanation that Anarch-o-nation is better. And remember, what you can't kill the Good lord shall!!
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