The american mantras - A media conspiracy?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by Mr. Sauerkraut, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Reading the posts in this forum makes me wonder if there are some mantras burnt in the minds of the american people. As anybody knows that the americans are the TV Nation, it´s time to figure these mantras out and name them:

    "Germans are Nazis are Jew Gassers." No question about this, i did make this expierience to this mantra several times personally in this forum.

    "Blacks are born lazy, dumb, criminal and they ´re it because of their nature and genetics"

    "What brings money is allowed. Always and Anytime"

    "Being successful in making money is a sign to be blessed by god"

    "Mexicans are infiltrators, drug dealers and violent criminals"

    "All musilms are terrorists"

    "America is allowed to bomb a country anytime and anywhere in the world"

    "Critiziting America is an enemy act from the outside and an unpatriotic act when it comes from the inside."

    Anything more?
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