The Abraham Lincoln Tea Party Faction Of GOP? (Like It's So Me?)

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    Senator Mitchell is somewhere quoted as suggesting that a more Conservative GOP is a problem that he'd like to have. Mostly, like in Alaska, the minority party has splintered into factions--out to do one another in. It's even on TV.

    Anyone recalls that GOP is the Party of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln at one point had the Liberian Movement infatuation: To send freed people to the more hospitable(?) habitats where they came from--or at least to Costa Rica, which was cheaper. The Obamas famously, seem to like the "Abraham Lincoln," of history a lot(?)! It is that one that is being discussed!

    So it is worth repeating, many times again--The Red Tide stuff is elsewhere--That advanced civilizations create central government expenditures, of a redistributive type, and are in fact Welfare States or Socialist states. Most tend to lump both types of civilizations, in fact, into the same sweet smelling, fragrance of "profits in the morning!"

    And so the GOP/Tea Party is opposed to all that. Haiti and East Africa they seem to want to be like: And clearly don't want to so-state(?)! This is the problem that Senator Mitchell is now on record as personally supporting! A Conservative "Party of Abraham Lincoln," is very much uppermost, on his mind!

    Yet to even make it onto the Tabloid Front Pages--that is likely not what is uppermost, on most people's minds! The Tea Party/GOP is not about anyone alive! "It is like, so me!" they seem to believe is what they are about(?)!

    People unaware of the concept, "Lunatic Fringe," have only to notice that what The Tea Party/GOP is contending is not like them at all. Even Ronald Reagan supported Social Security, for example, and not the concept of taking what it has: And sending it all to the Wall Street Bankers who caused the whole crisis in the first place!

    The Conervative Government, in the U.K., is imposing austerity: Loudly to keep the money out of the hands of the bankers!

    The Tea Party, mainly, wants to take you back(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Millions, of course, know how this could have happened! Hundreds of billions can guess how this came about. Billions all need to know how all this came about!)
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