The 150th (GOP Freedom Day(?)) Celebration

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    Only 150 years ago, The shelling commenced on Fort Sumter and the Old, Fat, White People--Cavorting About Naked On Other People's Yachts, dumping substance and other treasure into the sea--were only three years away from draft riots, social protest, and morality as is usual in America!

    Civil War's dirty secret about slavery -

    The CNN link reminds anyone that even then, "It Was The Economy, Stupid!" New York City was ready to secede, along with the rest of the sane, based on the reliance on cotton and the prospect of cheap labor competition from the South.

    Soon After April 14, the self-educated "negotiation skills" of the Republican Administration, would fail completely from the start of things. Those were an educated people(?), even then! A Thriving Economy, and GOP, were light years apart at the White House.

    Historians do not provide insight, even now, into how anyone actually as insane as Abraham Lincoln could rise to high office in Western Civilization. "Never Again!" has yet to be heard among educated people(?). . . ! "No more holocaust" is not what education, scholarship is all about anywhere in the world, even now. "Let's all send the kids to the D. C. Schools," is not even what America is all about, even in the Oval Office. For the one's down the hall, the matter is at least worth saying, of the humanity-despising households all around.

    Anyone following the CNN link can marvel at how history, really comes to be!

    Try to find anyone providing an analysis, of the Total Credit Market, anywhere in the world: Which does not include Venice Beach, CA(?). The Beachhead presentation only took four years: Of a four quadrant rectangle, with diagonal from lower lef to upper right, and a Fifith Quadrant on the upper outside, to the right of that.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Her Majesty's Little Band of Merry Men, (aka, the Philandering Four, girlfriends inlcuded--in the spirit of Great Henry VIII), will be seen in regal splendor at the Westminister Abbey event. Having consented to be taxed, then the Great Socialist Income Redistribution, nurturing the market opposed by all GOP, from the start--Will be on display for the nations to admire--as opposed to the "enligtened" debates underway in the U. S. Federal Legislatures--some of which seeks to take the markets all away!)
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