Thank You, President Trump

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Billy_Kinetta, Aug 23, 2019.

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    No. One can never be ideologically rigid, especially in the face of unorthodox opponents, of which China is a formidable one due to the WTO entry and CEO drive for profits above all else.

    Whether it is dealing with Nazis or Communists, history has shown you can't play a nice, fair game when they have no interest in doing so. Japan competed as China is now to a lesser degree, but they saw a naturally rising yen, high costs and premium quality price for Sony, Aiwa and other products. That's capitalism. China is exploiting, stealing, abusing, destroying industries AND keeping the Yuan low to unnaturally impede in the marketplace.

    They want to usurp the U.S in all aspects of global dominance, from currency reserve to military might, make no mistake about this. As such, tariffs, tactics, and hell, even if missiles were needed, you have to defend liberty for the world. These communists have no interest in your constitution, economic well being or your health. So, any means necessary to reverse this.

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