Th Corruption of the Media

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    The media has deviated from its original purpose. It was originally intended to be a check of the government but has become a tool of the government. The media is supposed to inform us what is going on and give us information on our politicians which they do to a point. Unfortunately they are biased and sometimes withhold information. There is no true unbiased news network albeit some are better that others. Now the media is a tool of the government which it uses frequently. The media controls what a good portion of America knows due to Americans not seeking out of country sources for news. Since the news organizations in America are corrupt over seas news networks sometimes are better. They don't have a stake in what's going on so they report less biased. Now what we needs to happen is one, Americans actually have to be up to date with current events and go to multiple sources to get the whole story. Two, the networks need to become unbiased so that these new up to date Americans can get the true story without any twists. This would greatly improve many things in America. For instance, elections wouldn't be controlled. In this election alone th media has killed Off some of the candidates in favor of their favorite, Mitt Romney. Now if the media weren't trying to pick canidates and report fairly then the quality if our politicians could go up. Things would be fair and America a better place. The biggest problem is fixing the media.
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