Terrorism and the Middle East: Recommended Reading

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    I know I'm new here. In fact the main reason I came here was the search for more information and opinion / perspective on the current issues with Aghanistan, Iraq and the other pending issues our Armed Forces are dealing with in the Middle East.

    I've started reading most everything I can get my hands on. I like to read every side, because common sense seems to point to the far left and right not giving the true picture, but actually pieces of both and ending up somewhere in the middle.

    Others who have read informative books, please feel free to share that info as well:

    The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the road to 9/11

    This is the book that really started me on the search for more info. It's a great read. It actually goes back and shows you the hows / whys of the extremist Islamic movement we are dealing with now. It throws out a lot of the urban legends about Bin Laden as well. It's source book list is unbelieveably huge and informative as well.

    Against All Enemies : Richard A. Clarke

    Ignore anything you have heard regarding this book. Read it. The facts and information contained in it, regarding the coutry's Law Enforcement and Intelligence attitudes towards Counter-Terrorism, before and after 9/11 are worth the read alone. The blame is not place on any one Administration, and to be honest it doesn't show bias toward Republican or Democrat.

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