Terror in America

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    While most people in America would characterize a Terror attack on U.S. Soil. It may come in a ‘Fiscal Cliff?’

    Democrats and Republicans are still in (grid-lock) over the ‘Fiscal-Cliff.’ There are nearly 15 million people unemployed and come Dec 29, 2012. All unemployed people in America, who have used up their regular state-provided unemployment benefits, could be pushed off the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ with no source of income or idea to provide for their families.

    That’s right, a terror attack on American soil in the form other than what where used to seeing.

    I’m talking about the form of a Capitol with Democrats and Republicans in Congress.
    With letters going out from Employment Development Departments (aka) EDD, nationwide to terrify nearly 15 million people that their benefits will end soon.

    Unless the U.S. Congress changes the current law, no more benefits we be payable after Dec 29th, 2012.

    Where talking about people who are unemployed, that had jobs, not criminals but a failing system that has created millions of peoples to not have a job anymore. To add insult to injury here, the existing employers in America are holding out not to hire new people until the ‘Fiscal-Cliff’ issue is solved. Most corporations are predicting more lay-offs to come anyways.

    With an ever-rising population in America and corporations are sourcing out American jobs to other countries or just plan going into bankruptcy. You can see the candle is burning at both ends here and in the middle.

    Who’s to blame?

    With a government unwilling to control the population in America, also not controlling the corporations from sourcing out American jobs, I would say it’s are government leaders both Democratic and Republican, congress, Senate and so on….

    So, next time you hear of a ‘terrorist attack on American soil’ my fellow Americans it might not be in a plane or high-rise, you might not have to look any further than your own Capitol….

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