Ted Kennedy's Last Words on US HealthCare System: America, Fuck Yeah!

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    There's been a lot of sound and fury from the Left (more so than usual) in an effort to talk down the US health care system. There are allegedly "studies" and "reports" and white papers and all sorts of statistics designed to make you believe that Health Care in the USA needs the Kenyan born Marxists President and his team of Eugenicists to fix it.

    Now that he's passed, Libruls tell us that Sen Kennedy supposedly made improving the Health Care system his lifes work; when he wasn't trying to change succession laws in MA, he spent every waking moment struggling with how to improve the failed, broken, ailing, decrepit, expensive, extravagant yet scarce US Health Care system.

    But look at Ted's actions!

    Where did he go for treatment? Did he go to Canada? No! Did the go to Britain? No! Did he go to Sweden or Mexico? No and Fuck No! He stayed right here in the USA because we have the best health care system on the planet.

    So whenever a Librul tries to talk down the US health Care system, remind them, gently or not: where did Ted Kennedy go for his treatment?

    If it's good enough for Ted Kennedy, the US health Care system is good enough for me!

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