Team Obama’s Plan: Send in the Clown and Run Out the Clock

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    Team Obama’s Plan: Send in the Clown and Run Out the Clock « Jeanette Pryor
    August 15, 2012

    On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden suddenly acquired a southern accent and told voters:

    They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.

    A normal campaign team would have sent the Vice President to the Cayman Islands to recover from a sudden case of Laryngitis. Obama would have spent the day back-peddling from Biden’s latest proof of incompetence. Instead, the President asked for a sophisticated interpretation of the ”Chains” comment from voters and let Joe run loose in the spotlight. Scarcely had Biden opened his mouth, but pearls of wisdom were rolling off his tongue as he forgot which century he inhabits:

    Folks, Where’s it Written We Cannot Lead the World in the 20th Century in Making Automobiles?
    Today, national discussion is focused on whether or not Joe Should Go, or how Obama can fail to condemn the “Chains” comment and what similar statements Republicans might have uttered. All of this, instead of looking at one simple fact.

    Nothing, or very little, in presidential politics happens by accident. If Vice President Biden was allowed out for a public appearance instead of being strapped in a rusty Apache Helicopter bound for a surprise visit to Afghanistan, it is because the campaign wants him right where he is, doing what he does best, babbling and distracting.

    Every day we focus on Biden is a day not spent scrutinizing Obama. Every insane utterance from the Gaffer deflects attention from the Golfer.

    The appropriate campaign communications response from Romney-Ryan is simple and was pretentiously offered in yesterday’s post What Team Romney Could Learn from Star Wars.

    "Stay on Target".

    “Target” meaning the core message; articulate the problems and the positive objectives R &R offer to solve the real blunders made by Obama.

    Team Obama is using the Vice President to run out the clock, hoping that voters and pundits will waste time separating us from November’s election to consider the superficial instead of the substance. Republicans can’t be distracted by the crazy loon running all over the field, but need to concentrate on the recovery plan we have to offer.
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    I agree, the Obama team needs to do whatever it takes to take the focus off of his horrible economy.
    Each week they are going to come up with some sort of controversy, even if it makes them temporarily look bad, and they're going to do it right up until the election.

    Maybe the majority of voters will eventually look and see the emperor has no clothes, but indeed they are going to at least try and play rope-a-dope and run the clock out.
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    Here's another one in her best southern drawl:

    [ame=]Hillary Clinton adopts a southern drawl - YouTube[/ame]

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