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    Teacher, Please teach me. I must learn to think logically and where to look for knowledge. Do not teach me your own philosophies, your opinions of how things ought to be; these I must form of my own thoughts. Teach me what is happening in this world, not your opinion of why it is happening. This, also, i must decipher on my pwn and reach my own conclusions; not be a parrot repeating yours. You may, nay must, teach me of all philosophies; do not attempt to make yours' mine. Do not instill your bias and prejudices in me, I must have the freedom and choice to develop my own, Teach me all of the history of man, let me be the judge of whom to thank, blame, or hate for their deeds. Teach me of all the beauty of the arts, that I might find my own favorites to praise or emulate. Teach me to explore and investigate new ways, cultures, alien concepts, and to accept and incorporate them into my philosophy or reject them as I decide. Teach me to have an open mind, to grow in my wisdom; not to be closed and prejudiced to others simply because their way is not mine (or yours). Teach me to be my own Man, not yours.

    If you succeed I will be most grateful, Even if my philosophy differs from yours, we can be great friends and can amicably argue the merits and or failings of my and your philosophies, What better occupation can a person have? What better amusement can we pursue? In the event that your and my philosophy agree, then we will be kindred spirits and can have even greater amusement amicably arguing with other fools who disagree. (even though that is their right!)

    God did not give us His omniscience and Grace and place us in Paradise; He gave us the freedom of choice and the opportunity to find our own way to join Him in Paradise. Can you do no less. Teacher; please, please Teach me.

    This is why I honor teachers. I was lucky enough to encounter quite a few who taught on this basis and I am grateful. Peace, Love, and Faith. Pappadave

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