Tea Party vs Media Corruption

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    The Tea Party is actually one good example of many on today's media corruption.

    For the longest time the Tea Party only existed on the internet and got no media coverage whatsoever.

    The Tea Party gained ALL its popularity through the internet...

    Only recently has the media begun to acknowledge its existence....and everytime the media acknowledges the Tea Party there are bashing words against it (propaganda) trying to give the sheeple a negative opinion on the Tea Party.

    Exactly why are today's news anchors propagating bashing, opinion forming words to the sheeple anyways?

    It is bought and paid for media propaganda in articles and publications to mold opinions in the public.

    Lucky for the Tea Party more and more American's are slowly but surely waking up to this and getting more information from the internet to form opinions.....but still there is a significant population of sheeple with limited I.Q. and perception that soaks in the media propaganda....with its corrupt broadcasts and publications demolishing certain movements reputations while attempting to build and groom careers within the two main political parties...

    Even Bill O'Reilly recently talked about corruption in the media.

    Most of us with half a brain already knew this.

    It is bought and paid for articles and publications to influence the masses to form opinions on people that is the key to keeping the two main political parties in office.

    America has grown huge in population and diversity since political parties first came to be.

    Why do you think support never grows for a third party....or many more parties?

    Because corrupt articles and publications in the media to influence opinions of the sheeple are the key to us still only having two main political parties and never allowing any other party to gain footing in the popularity contest.

    Even Bill O'Reilly recently touched base on this....although it is obviously a far bigger issue than he gave airtime for.

    So why won't Bill O'Reilly do a thorough investigation into the political corruptions with media...even though he acknowledged its existence?

    The Amercan media used to research and investigate everything under the sun....especially government. This has changed somehow and American media is now a propaganda beacon for government and the two main political parties...

    Note: I personally hope the Tea Party will not let a career politician grab their steering wheel and only keep independent unknowns to bring the true reform they're looking for
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