Tea Party Cures Republican Battered Spouse Syndrome

Discussion in 'Tea Party' started by CrusaderFrank, Sep 27, 2010.

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    We kept thinking, "This time the Republican Party will really change! They told us so! They're Compassionate Conservatives. They understand us and will stop acting like Liberals and battering us with spending and Progressive-Lite ideology"

    "It's gonna be different this time, they said they're really going to listen to us this time!"

    Well guess what, RNC?

    We're moving out!

    We're not taking your crap anymore and we really don't care if you decided to listen!

    You can keep your Mike Cassel and Lisa Murkowskis and Dede Scuzzafava's and GO FUCK YOURSELF!

    We'll take it from here.


    A Tea Party Supporter

    P.S. Stop sending me your fund raising letters, I would only use for them to line the parrot cage and I have the NY Times for that.

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