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    Is there other life

    Mandy and Cody were great friends they did everything togather. They slept over, they had breakfast,lunch and dinner, at the same time, had doctor appoints, and went and did there homework at the same time. Did the same sports and came out as the same.

    Mandy had short light brown hair, and blue eyes that spark all the time. Cody had Dirty blond hair and brown eyes. The one that puppy gets to you, So when they came home on a firday night. They both ask to camp out in the backyard. there were about 10-11 years old. Mandy was 11 years old and Cody was 10 years old. So it was cool for them to be in the backyard.

    Anyways Cody and Mandy were up late at night and all the sudden they see three lights. and a strange object in the sky. It wasn't a plan or rocket or anything else but a ufo. They watch it for 5 minutes and whipe there eyes. Like they think they just see something. It didn't leave and all the sudden a they hear a huge crash into the woods not far from them.

    But it was too dark to see but they hear police,firefighters and the army coming towrds them. So it was very intersting night. Mandy and Cody tried to tell there parents but they wouldn't listen and say it was only a dream. When they came back to sleep in there tent they saw a army man crossing off part of the woods area near them. so no one could get into and see. Cody and Mandy went to school the next day being very quite about what they saw. Intill art class when they made what they say was an ufo.

    The other kids were making fun of there art. The teacher love it. So Mandy and Cody decide to walk instead of ride the bus home. Once they got home they wanted to exlopre the woods. But the problem is that it was still block off and very securd to get in. So Mandy and Cody went into the house. and up to Mandy room. they deicde to make a plan out. To how to get to were the ufo crash. They went back to Cod has and took some hard hats and lights and shovel and started to dig a tunel under the wood.

    Without the police,army, mitlairy even knowing about any infomation or this tunel. they cover the entence up with signs a water fonutine. They used camreflash clothes so they couldn't spot them well. they map out where they though the ufo crash. So it was short of like a tressure chest. Mandy and Cody parents called them home for dinner and Mandy and Cody had to rush back without them knowing what they were doing.
    So once they got near the exist of there underground tunel they hide the shovel, clothes flash light, and helmets into the grass with fall leaves. A couple of weeks later they see some strange lights blinking Cody and Mandy so it and they went to get there black shirts, shoes,pants gloves,hat so its harder to see a night. Mandy and Cody kneee down and see this creature like no other.
    he was saying to the other creautre "oasciaozaaormua" and Mandy and Cody strech there heads trying to figure it out. But no luck they came up with three ideas . One of them was they were looking for the ship that crash it about three weeks ago. Two they heard some noise over were Cody and Mandy where. three they were warning them up being spoted but the army officials.
    All the sudden the creautre that looks like a human and alien at the same time made his head spin all the way around and told the other creatures "meuzoioak" they had over to were Cody and Mandy were and they found Cody the one who was stralte and they put some strange alien cream on his hands and went back to his ship.
    Mandy was shock and scared she didn't know what to do but the next day she made a aline look alike that could of been missing. And put in the middle of forest at night. and she made a special design cosutme to look like a creautre like them. but she couldn't get there launage down. And they saw and look at her and they said "zeucoakoa" which means something simliar it might of lost how to speak etc...
    The ships gets outo f the woods and start flying in the sky before sunset comes. Monday morning and the Parnets tell kids to get ready for school. They hear noises like someone getting up. While in the ufo Mandy start looking for Cody and made a special cosutem for him as well. "suoezaokaia" one of the creautre said. Likey asking where the other Creautre went. Accodring to the school Mandy and Cody made it to school, But thats impossible for them not be on earth.
    All the sudden Many says "Cody its me" and Mandy kisses Cody and one of the creautre say hey why is he kissing the human? Cody was shock and didn't know what just happen. though the Creautre comes out of the sides and conors Mandy and tackles her ot the ground and rip off her fake mask.
    Its been about a moth since Cody and Mandy seen earth or any other human or "creautre life. Alines got them both capture, though Cody and Mandy came up with a plan to throw something out the ufo, it was SOS or Help sign telling whats happening since they were going over an amry base. the got the lady out in nick of time, when they throw the trash out and came a meter shower. Susprisling the letter didnt trun into a fireball and went slowy down to earth.
    Cody and Mandy were lock in this dog cage deisgn of a room. To get into the room the alines or creautes had to use there heads not there hands, like top serecet agents in the usa and around the world. They also have diffrent designs heads so only one certin kind and get in.
    Though they got a spreate exist that they cant see how it use. Than Mandy though of using her max shap of alien head. Cody was supprotive but didn't think it would work. "acess grated" They had to keep making diffrent designs heads. to get to the exist doors. Cody and Mandy are trying to figure out how to get out of a ufo. without killing themselfs from jumping in space and droping like a fireball. It was techially in good judement. and bad at same time. They have some short of suits they put on. Design so advance than any human race would beleive.
    Before the jump out they found the power source to get the ufo to acutally land causing an accident in the woods. One of the speics speaks "dowaazopsff" Cody and Mandy were thinking its they human espace. Alarm goes off. Cody pulls the cords and cuts them with his shrap teeth. the door opens and they have 2 minutes to get there before it closes. and the ufo crashes and bruns up in the space. They were still trillion of light years away from the earth. and they had to get threw the speics trying to stop them. All the sudden this other ufo shows up with rainbow colors behind it like a zipping through the millions of trillions years right there.
    Cody and Mandy jump and land on the other ufo and it opens up and they acutally speak to them asking them what happen. these were the other species like fbi in the earth. anda did some test on Cody to make sure they didnt implent anything in him. They also did some minor test on Mandy just in case. They said that if Mandy didnt' come up to help. it would of been too late for Cody. and the ufo start following the one crashing down to earth. and this ufo acutally tips of the army as well sending a singal to them. They also said they had two humans on board so the usa got army, marines, serect serivce, The president of usa. To do some test again to make sure there clean. Obama annouce that he wants these kids safely retrun before anything else knows.
    They are Ufo" sent some lock keys from the ufo that was going to crash into the usa around the area of white house in Wasington, D.C so they called the local autotheries to come and closed the area off so only the usa special agents could get in. Agent Ford was the one in charge of the whole thing. even if you went up to the moutins to the highest point, you still couldn't see a thing. it was block of so well you coulden't tell something was happening. all the sudden this looking fireball crazes to earth and breaks into pieces two or three of it.
    Army and Marines rush to clean the mess up and look to see if anyone surrived and they look to see if they could find the people who were suppose of dirving it. They werent sure if a piece they pick up was the creature or if they jump out or hiddien in a sercet departe in the ufo. The Army started to dig into the ground to see if there was anything else in there. While traffic was dirtect around the whole thing. The serect serivce sent some of there owns down into the swere to make sure know one was hiding or any danger of the ground ripping apart. This is the first time some other creatures acutally contact some human life on earth this was a huge step into whats or who is in control of space. They army, serect serivce and Marines had there guns draw just in case for protection. So did the creatures.They get the two kids out of the way into a watting car for a special hosptial. They did a quick scan on Cody and Max, they so far haven't found anything out of the normal. Though when the ufo crahs into earth a peice of it walk away locking onto Cody somehow and you can shoot it down or destory it without the other creatures who are millions lightyears away.
    So they had to descise Cody into a girl. Which at first he didn't want to put He really didn't have a choice and Mandy was going to be with him, I am her for alitte bit intill help comes. Cody new name is Kristen. They changes to his looks help him escape harm from the creautre on the capture. this was as big as a ant, nothing out of the normal on the world.

    This story i am stuck trying to figure out where to go to next. I love to write stories. i got longer one.

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