tax reform pitch: how would you write this?

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    Dear Fellow Democrats, Conservatives and Constitutionalists:
    I am guessing how to write out a pitch to Senators and Govt Officials
    regarding the fiscal cliff and an alternative to secession in order to
    protect the political interests and beliefs of opposing groups equally protected under law.

    Below is the draft I emailed to Senator Marco Rubio.

    Can I please ask how YOU would edit or write this out?
    I would like to circulate it and/or post it as a petition on

    Does anyone have a personal connection with an active Tea Party or Govt Official
    who might push this idea and/or develop it where it could be used?

    Thanks so much!
    If you reply, please write out how you would post a letter or petition.
    Maybe I will create a website of these letters, and email the links to other people
    concerned that we reform govt and not cost ourselves more time and money
    fighting for political control when there is plenty of work for everyone to do.

    Yours truly,


    Dear Senator Rubio: Please work with conservative Senators and Reps in Texas to push for tax reform. The idea I support is capping income tax at 10%, where anything paid above that amount is a LOAN to govt. This way, citizens can direct where to pay their taxes through the Party platform and policies of their choice (depending how their electoral votes were divided by % among the parties). If private interests with the Federal Reserve can lend money to govt and earn interest, all taxpayers should have the same ability to profit from lending and to put conditions on the loans. By allowing Parties per state to redirect taxes to programs managed locally, this solves several problems by (a) allowing people to invest and support the policies "of their choice" through the Party that represents them instead of competing to dominate and discriminate by political coercion, bullying and exclusion; (b) shifting more control and responsibility for funding cost-effective programs to local and state management instead of federal; and (c) rewarding citizens and groups for participating directly in organizing, financing and managing local solutions to social and economic problems instead of depending on and fighting over govt controls. I believe this will be better for the country's morale and economy. Instead of threats of secession, a better way to manage the gradual shift of resources, away from the federal level back to the state level, is by states' issuing local currency and credits; where the party leaders per state can calculate how much of the citizens' and party members' tax money is going to federal govt, and having the state issue credits, loans or even currency against the debts for state and citizen leaders to invest in developing local business solutions while the budget issues are worked out between federal and state levels of govt. This way, we can still be working on reforms, even if it isn't completely resolved yet how much money or control should be on the federal level or through private or state institutions; the money can still be allocated toward programs while the party leaders negotiate with federal govt on the terms of the loans back and forth, and which institution is owed money, and on what level the money should be paid back. Thank you very much. Emily Nghiem

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