Tax hike,fair-share unicorn poop. 10's of Bn's $ to keep Post office in 1990's

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    So, the 11.5 B ‘overpaid to the retirement system’ will be used to keep the post office in stasis or, as a comparison, in the horse and buggy/pony express era as airplanes cars etc. make those modes of mail transport antiquated ( no creative destruction allowed).

    Some points-

    -The cbo says that in the end the deferral if 23 B in retirement payments allowed in this bill will have to be eventually paid by us ( that’s 11.5 they are removing from the pension fund and 23.5 they want to defer for a grand total of 34B) Susan Collins who is easily befuddled, admits she’s confused by the accounting. Hey welcome to gov . accounting 101, you’ve been a senator how long? What have you done about it? Lieberman is a mensch, I trust him but hes not sure either and , he can be wrong.

    - Sessions wants them to realize the 11.5 Billion via efficiency gains, which btw the post master has in a plan to do so ( note the Hill link doesn’t mention that) , but the senate would rather let them be because…1)its gonna cost jobs, 2)no one wants to be the senator who has to answer to folks who will wonder why their local post office (that has been bleeding money) is no longer open or 3) why they no longer have Saturday delivery.

    Therefore; the bill halts closures of branches, there by preventing the spread of privatization via Wal-Mart and other participating stores who would take packages, mail sell stamps etc , ( see: Mailbox plus franchises), it does not include authority to renegotiate no-layoff labor contracts, no meaningful reforms, modernization, zip.

    -The Government Accountability Office (GAO freshly back form Vegas;)) recently recommended that, given the Postal Service's precarious finances, the agency should be required to prefund its liabilities now. Instead, the Senate bill says that the Postal Service only has to fund 80% of those health-care benefits. Take a wild guess who will eventually fund the other 20%?

    -The Postal Service already has about $45 billion of unfunded liabilities in its retiree health-care accounts. It also has drawn down a $15 billion Treasury line of credit that it is unlikely to repay. In other words, the Postal Service already owes the Treasury billions of dollars, not the other way around.

    -Despite Senator Sessions and the majority of folks who wish to kill this bill in favor of a more robust one that would inject fiscal sanity and propel the Post Office into the 22nd century being Republican, there is plenty of blame to go round, the pension fund is a fund in name only, there is no real money there, the Dems won’t take on a Union and the GOP will fight to keep an office open in Bootlick, North Dakota for all 30 people it serves for 300 miles around …..

    GOP senator says postal reform would put taxpayers on hook for $34B - The Hill's Floor Action

    Review & Outlook: The Senate's Pony Express -

    So, lets get to it, the Stephen King & Warren Buffett rants are horsehocky and hypocrisy , they won’t write a check directly to the gov. for exactly the same reason my wife and I who do pretty well, ( she in fact out earns me 2-1) won’t either and we all agree, though you won’t hear them admit it, they no more want to fund this or similar gov. boondoggles either, but they will if they can, push you or I in front of the cannon as fodder if they can.

    This present gov. will not cut anything, no matter how logical it appears, what proof of waste or efficiency is offered…..they want us to pay for this and with more money they think they will roll in v ia higher taxes, they will just go on and on and on and on…when they start cutting and living with- in their means, then I will even help them petition for an increase., but until then, starve the beast.

    Disclaimer; This is in no way intended as a slight of the stalwart, trusty mail carrier or Post Office Personnel,the problem is it is as usual, much higher up.

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