tax cut tax brake and lower taxes...all while paying more in taxes...

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    Here is how we get a tax cut(we pay less in income taxes) a tax break is a rebate or a child or earned tax credit) lower income taxes while raiseing SS taxes and gas taxes ciggs and sales under the obama plan you could get a tax cut tax break and still pay much more in taxes...

    buyer beware...and obama has already shown he is (victim of circumstance) buy staying in iraq(for security and freedom ofcourse) he will continue to build perminate bases...liar...and instead or redeploying...we will go to play GI joe in afganistan and iran...

    we have been should be agianst the law for these guys to lie like tis...its a crime...

    obama went to wash to do just what he did.,..raise up...he has told every group...what they wanted to hear...liar...

    we need a third party and quick...

    dont back these liars when they flip on us...please,,,dont...

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