TALF (Stimulus From An Undisclosed Location!)

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    Anyone is noticing how Republicans continue to be Republicans: When confronted with empirical events they do not understand. Vice President Cheney knew that even the 19 dead no-accounts of 9/11 were still out there somewhere. In fact(?): They were all in Iraq(?).

    High-End Educated, High-End Income, Heads-So-Far-Up-Their-Sands-Of-Iraq: Miss a lot even now, in the economy, now before them.

    Point One. When people buy things, other people make them. They make them in factories already on the ground. That means, according to Republicans, "What Ground? It's the Castles In The Air That Really Matter, and the terrorists on the magic carpets from there!" Anyone recalls that it was all crock of (imagination or fantasy(?)) all along.

    "Terrorists In Our Factories," now appears to characterize the "Conservative" commentary about the "Socialist" credit market manufacturing of the federal government, now under TALF. TALF frees up hundreds of billions of purchasing power, more than envisioned by any GOP tax cutters, and more than an increase of unemployment benefits: So favored by Liberals Of Labor(?).

    "Where are the giant spending programs of Obama?" "How can Obama claim that he opposes big government?" "What Is the Government Doing?" Consistent and patient analysis is like that in modern USA, now "past all that!"

    What the Ivy League has done--other than send little kids to overpriced schools, as is usual--is to create an engineered, market intervention response: Free of Government. Factories are not government. The credit market is not the government. The intervention is government: And the government is Constitutionally required to regulate the value of the currency. Anyone can make the connection. Banks wouldn't lend it. Who will say that the currency, had any value, end of Bush II, Term II? It was no longer even a viable, medium of exchange.

    Bush II, and the staffers, and all their offspring without exception--and to their thousand and ten thousand generations--Are The New Herbert Hoover Adminstration in Hindsight!

    They knew the job was dangerous when they took it, anyone knows: And they refused to do the job. They failed to find the terrorists, they failed to create bridges based on sympathy with the Middle East, they failed to create infrastructure in Afghanistan, they failed to equip even their own military personnel in the field, and then they left the U. S. economy on the brink of a Herbert Hoover inspired Great Depression even worse than before!

    So the DNC ordered up a New, "New Deal." This DNC did do the tax cuts, though GOP claims to have been uninvolved(?). This DNC funded programs. Now more importantly, the current DNC seems likely to expand on the traditional Democratic Party / Labor Agenda, of free and easy credit for all! It is called, TALF!

    There isn't much government creation of agencies involved. There are no forced labor camps, no coerced art works, no major infra-structure creation along the rivers. An actual more massive "spending" program has been created, on far greater scale than the New Deal. It largely relies on industry in place--and what is about to prime the pump is actually the credit, not the deficit.

    TALF is not a government spending program, creating agency employment. And then anyone notices that the Republicans are really not happy with this outcome at all!

    Probably, of course, they really are! Mostly, it is heavily reliant on a new scale of math!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Clever how the traditional ways of life: Seem to be so easily embraced, by the so many--allegedly-- better educated, (and Colored)!)

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