Tales of the Immigrant

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    We are all immigrants here. Even those who are of Native American heritage have some immigrant blood coursing through their veins.

    I am a second generation American. My grandfather was born in Dundee, Scotland in 1907.

    His father travelled to America in 1910. His intent was to earn enough here to send for his wife and his two sons (Grandpa, age three and my Grand Uncle Alex who was five). Great Grandpa travelled steerage class. The trip scared the bejesus out of him! He thought his young family would not and should not endure the conditions he endured on the steamer.

    According to the grand plan, Great Grandpa would work for one year and earn enough to afford passage for his family. Well, after his voyage, it was decided to work for two years and buy second class tickets for the wife and kids.

    So, in the spring of 1912, Great Grandma packed up the Scottish homestead and set out for America! There was a dock workers strike in Dundee at the time. So, without local passage available, Great Grandma bought tickets on a train to Liverpool, England and passage on a slightly more expensive steamer bound for New York.

    At the last minute, the strike was settled. Great Grandma, being a good thrifty Scot sold the train and ship tickets and bought tickets on a steamer leaving from her hometown of Dundee.

    If the strike had not been settled, if Great Grandma had gone ahead and sailed from Liverpool, she and my uncle and Grandpa would have boarded the Titanic!

    What are your tales of your immigrant past?
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    Can't find out a specific date my ancestors arrived, but they are listed on the Muster Call of men who fought with General George Washington at Valley Forge.

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