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    "So, they fly through the air with the greatest of ease, the Tea Party, Jihadists, and GOP! They each think the mainstream is all about their fight: But mainly they each fly by night(?)!"

    And so the famous "leans GOP" estimates at Real Clear Politics comes into play.

    Article | Mercyhurst College

    Firstly, there are 12% undecided in this polling, also. There is GOP-Dem difference of 7 points. The GOP is labeled "enthusiastic," by comparison.

    How does anyone learn to misrepresent a polling result? You label the fanatics "enthusiastic" as compared with bread and butter, rank and file. Nazi demonstrations and Klan rallies are mainly, just "enthusiastic?!"

    The Jews, and the Poles, and The Slavs, and The Dissidents, and The Homosexuals, and The Fleas, and The Lice, and The Ticks: All had that common problem in the polls. They were simply not very enthusiastic.

    There is some famous truth to that(?), but an overwhelming voting bloc the Nazis were not: In now confederate(?), European Union.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (So technically, the "undecided," are to be taken out, and shot: If the polling reports are to be understood properly, in the current elections, in The Colonies!)

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