Syrian-Israeli negotiations and the future of joint Arab action

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    Seems that the Syrian-Israeli negotiations mediated Turkey have been developing rapidly where he spoke with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem the possibility of direct peace negotiations with Israel if it has serious and direct talks or has said that the negotiations will not be easy and may last a long time and might eventually include difficult concessions And that Israel is well prepared for negotiations and serious and it is noteworthy for consideration by the Syrian side did not make statements in this area and the Syrian demand is the withdrawal from the Golan to the shores of Lake Tiberias, the main fresh water reservoir in Israel. This requirement for peace which Israel can make to Syria and handed controversial as possible to do, what will Syria in return
    The logic says that the Golan is an integral part of Syrian territory and must be taken free of charge and the Israeli colonial presence, but Syria is also moving in the footsteps of her sister Egypt, which held a peace agreement signed with Israel and whether Syria will be more than the Egyptian Can Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to do Sadat and address the Israeli Knesset in the Arab mind everything possible
    Syria is classified within the center of resistance and response do not know of any proof and address are talking do not hesitate to enter into any negotiations whenever given the opportunity even stipulated in the Police I file to include the Golan to attend only the listing and there is talk of the stalled negotiations between the two sides since In 2000, but announced that the negotiations between the two sides these days
    Meaning and a history of what led to a lack of abating and the fall of opposition paper, which was cited by Syria
    It should be noted that Syria made the move is the head of the Arab League is a severe blow to the joint Arab action and affect the national security of the country and devoted work and national accounts (accounts systems) away from the coordination of efforts and cooperation instead of uniting all Arabs under the cover of the Arab peace initiative which calls for withdrawal Compared to the full reach full normalization in a position of strength Mtugeon mainly to the Liberation of Palestine would require the liberation of the occupied territories but the Arabs are negotiating with Israel to end each Mahmoud Abbas on the one hand are dozens of meetings without considering the feasibility of Hamas truce with Israel brokered by Egypt and Hezbollah are indirect negotiations German-brokered talks and the Palestinians as the inclusion of their captives in the negotiations to avoid Hezbollah to comment on the subject and even more so by the Syrian Defense Minister to visit Iran and the interests between the two countries and strengthen the relationship Is not the real depth of a deep Arab
    All this and we do not provide Israel, including one thing and take from everyone what they wanted and often want is to put pressure on the party by another party Kaldguet Mahmud Abbas, Egypt and Jordan to tighten the screws on Hamas and this is what will be required to isolate Syria and weaken Hamas, Hezbollah These two instead of two, who were merging in the context of the Arab themselves forward as alternatives to the Arab regimes are afraid of them made in view of all this remains common Arab action, continuing the disruption of the day

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